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Title. Finding Language 

Date. 2018 & 2019

Medium. Performance at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto Library and 

Criping the Arts Harbor Front Center 

Finding Language Audiance Note Card, A word to Whisper, A word Just for You, A word That Makes You Remember, A Noun You Identify With, Quill Work, Zig Zag Pattern
Finding Laguage - Stacks, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Action Shot With Spectators.
Finding Language at Criping The Arts, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Action Shot, performance Art, Reading Language Text in Public Space

Project Description: I’ve Lost My Words. Some of Them Are Stuck In Little Boxes In My Brain – Drawers That Won’t Open. Some of Them Are In The Mouths of My Indigenous Ancestors. Come With Me, While I Search For These Lost Words and Find Some of Your Own Along The Way. 

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