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Title. Zigzag in Twenty Nine Parts

Date. 2019

Medium & Size. 6x9 in (Each) Porcupine Quills and Thread on Paper 

Zigzag in Twenty Nine Parts. Yellow Line of Quillwork, Dyed Quills
Zigzag in Twenty Nine Parts, Demi Circle, Red Porcupine Quills, Dyed Red and Black Quills,Circle Space
Zigzag in Twenty Nine Parts, Semi Circle, Quill Work , Red and Black,  Dyed Quills, Vanessa Dion Fletcher
two lines of quillwork in black and white on cream paper.
A Red Squiggly Line of Quillwork at The Top of The Page. Dyed Porcupine Quills,  Weaving
A Single Line of Quillwork. White on a White Paper, Three Loose Quills Come Off From The Top. Details, Quill Work, Weaved Into Paper
A Red Quillwork a Single Vertical Line With Lots of Loose Ends Coming Out From It, Dyed Red Porcupine Quills
A Single Line of Burnt Orange, Quillwork Makes a Rectangle On The Side of a White Page, Details Weaving Porcupine Quills
A Rounded Loopy Line of Yellow Quillwork, Weaved Porcupine Quills Dyed Yellow at The Bottom Right Corner of a White Page
Two Lines of Yellow Quillwork Intersect Each Other. Creating an X shape with Yellow and Black Dyed Porcupine Quills, One Loose Yellow Porcupine Quill
Two Lines of White Quillwork. One From The Top of The Page, One From The Bottom. Loose Porcupine Quills at The Bottome and Top of White and Black Lines, Quillwork
Two Lines of White Quillwork One From The Top of The Page, One From The Bottom. Cream Colored Paper. Two Lines Of Weaved Quillwork On White Paper
One Line of Yellow Quillwork With a Bend In The Middle, Connects To The Right Side of The White Page. Dyed Black and Yellow Porcupine Quills Weaved Into White Page
Two Lines of Red or Brown Quillwork Very Close Together Connect To The Bottom of The Page. Two Loose Brown or Red Porcupine Quills, Line Work Weaving Porcupine Quills
Two Lines of Yellow Quillwork Come Up From The Bottom of The Page And Seperate. Yellow Dyed Weaved Porcupine Quills, Line Quillwork on a White Page
Two Lines of Dark Orange Quillwork Extend Horizontally From The Left and Right Sides of The Page, Three Loose Porcupine Quills on Cream Colored Paper
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