title. Body Image 

date. 2018 

Medium & size. Quillwork 12 x 13 in 

Body Image

This abstracted depiction of the female body, the phases of the moon, floral imagery, and clouds is a variation of a motif that the artist has been making and remaking for several years. Vanessa Dion Fletcher has adapted it for printmaking, painting and site-specific installations as a method of exploring new visual languages along with the potential of the female body and human relationships to the natural world. Here, with skills acquired through Brenda Lee’s teachings, the image is rendered in materials that represent time-honoured craft traditions and deep symbolism with connections to the land and the artist’s community. The bark was gifted to her by friends in Sioux Lookout, Ontario; the quills are harvested from the porcupine that she and Brenda Lee processed together.

- Sarah Quinton Crosscurrent Canada in the Making at The Textile Museum of Canada