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Title. Menstrual Accessory

Date. 2016 

City. Chicago, Miami, Vancouver, Santa Fe 

Medium. Performance & Artist Multiple 

VanessaDionFletcher Menstrual Accessory 2, Performance Art, Vanessa Dion Fletcher in a White Suit with Red Shoes Demonstrating a Mentrual Stain. White Table, Red Dye on the Top of Table in Front of  a Projector
Menstrual Accessory Porter, Vanessa Dion Fletcher Smiling in Front of Porter Sign, Wearing Menstrual Stained Performance Outfit, dressed in White With Red Shoes.
A Bottle With Bright Pink Liquid and Rolled up White Underwear, Tied Together With Red Ribbon, Photographed in Front of White Backdrop.
Vanessa Dion Fletcher Menstrual Accessory, Vanessa Dion Fletcher Wearing a White Bathing Suit With Menstrual Stain Pointing, While Walking on the Beach
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