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Title. Relationship or Transaction 

Date. 2014

Medium & Size. Five Dollar Canadian Bills, Screen Prints, Jute Twine, and Leather 3 x 2ft 

Relationship or Transaction Is A Reproduction Of Western Great Lakes Covenant Chain Confederacy Wampum Belt. This Belt Depicts Two Figures Holding Hands In The Center, Flanked By Pentagons And The Date 1764. My Reproduction Is Made Using $5 Bills As The Quwahog (Purple) Beads, And Replica $5 Bills As The Whelk, (White) Beads. Relationship or Transaction Is In The Collection Of Seneca College And Will Be On Display In September 2018. 

White And Blue Sculpture, Made Of 5 Dollar Bills And Paper. The White Part Make Shapes And Numbers. Installation Art Piece Relationship Or Transacation
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