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Title. Relative Saturation: Shallmar Parkette 

Date. 2021

Medium & Size. Sculpture, Wood, Vinyl 6ft x 10 ft

Performance. October 2, 2021, 30 min at Shallmar Parkette   

Photo Credit. Toni Hafkenscheid

Performance ClothingTailoring by Moraa Stump at Harbour Front Center, Fabric Design by Vanessa Dion Fletcher 

Supported By. Gallery TWP The Parkette Projects Curated By Shani Parson and the Canada Council for the arts.   

Relative Saturation

Vanessa Dion Fletcher

September 12 - November 20, 2021

Shallmar Parkette

Bringing together her artistic practices in both textile and performance, Vanessa Dion Fletcher’s sculpture is as much an event and an enigma as it is an object and artwork. Adapting porcupine quill embroidery through photographic enlargement, Dion Fletcher focuses our attention on details in the stitching while also shifting our physical relationships to the quillwork. When an artwork that is usually experienced up-close is scaled for outdoor space and public engagement, what new kinds of interpersonal intimacies might become possible between us? 

Link to Gallery TWP for more information

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