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Treaties as Technologies of Justice?

My Autobiographical Performance, Entitled: What Do You See?: Uses Language, Image, And Sound To Trace The Impact of Indigenous And Colonial Laws. It Was Performed, January 2018 At The Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery As Part Of The Technologies of Justice Conference. 

Technologies Of Justice

Technologies of Justice Was a Two-Day Conference Hosted By The Legal Studies Program at The University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The Purpose of This Conference Is To gain A More Holistic Understanding Of The Relationships Between Law, Technology And (In)Justice. Law And Technology Are Not Only Discrete Sets Of Mechanical Or Institutional Tools, But Ways To Apprehend And Experience The World. Too Often, Studies Of Law And Technology Are Compartmentalized With A Focus On A Selected Policy, Problem Or Area Of Expertise. Yet, It Is Impossible To Fully Appreciate Such Questions Without The 'Big Picture' Of How Technology Is Conceived, Utilized, And Altering Our Being In Multiple Areas Of Life—From Private Day-To-Day Activities, To Commercial And Government Operations. Visit The Technologies Of Justice Website Here

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